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      This list is current as of  June 21/18
  MYCO PACKAGES (cubensis only)
 Spore syringe 3-pack                   $25
 Captain's Plate (5)                         $40
 6-pack includes freebie                  $50
 Premium Pack - 15                       .$100
 Wholesalers Pack - 50                   $250
  Shipping & handling:

US - $10 for 3-packs, Captains Plates, 6-packs
$20 for Premium Packs

Canada - $5 for 3-packs, Captains Plates, 6-packs 
$10 for Premium Packs 

International - $10   Premium Packs - $20

     Pick and click your choices below!
             Ps. cubensis  strains
 'Whatever ships fastest'
 Ban Hua Thanon - Thailand
 Golden Teacher      
 Lipa Yai - Thailand
 Matias Romero (PF) - Mexico
 Palenque - Mexico
 Pink Buffalo
 Pura Vida  -  Costa Rica   *currrently sold out
 Quezon - Philippines
 Tapalpa - Mexico   *currently out of stock
 Transkei  -  Africa
 Wollongong      *currently out of stock
  Z - Zombie
             Other Species
                $15 each or 2 for $25
 Ps. cyanescens    B. C.      Out of stock
              WILD EDIBLES
          All edibles $10 each or 3 for $25
 Pleurotus ostreatus         Oyster Mushroom 
 Agaricus augustus        The Prince
 Lepiota rachodes           Shaggy Parasol 
 Agaricus campestris     Meadow Mushroom 
 Lycoperdon perlatum       Puffballs 
 Pholiota squarrosoides    Scaly Pholiota
 Pluteus cervinus       Deer Mushroom
Mt. Elphie Mushrooms ID Guide zip file     $10
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