I have worked hard over the past week to get these instructions completed. Thanks to the MANY members that showed interest.

The Jebus Dehydrator Tek v1.0


This is a simple, yet very effective way to dry small or large quantities of mushrooms. For about $15.00 (provided you already have a fan) you can build your own. This dehydrator uses air only to dry, which is the best, for heat only decreases the potency. It will dry a pound of fresh mushrooms in about 24 hours and makes the process easy and completely hassle free.

Shopping list

1. 1, 2”X 4” (lumber)
2. 1, 2”X 1” (lumber)
3. 4 “L” brackets
4. Roll of window screen
5. Piece of ” plywood
6. Fan with detachable front guard
7. 6-10 metal ties or pieces of wire
8. Two small hinges


1. Cut two pieces of the 2”X4” 18” in length and two16” in length. Lay all four pieces on a flat surface to form a box. Use 3 inch screws and screw them together.(…hee, hee, I said screw…)
2. Now cut the 1” X 2”, Cut the same as above, 2 pieces 18” and 2 pieces 16” and lay all four on a flat surface, forming a box. Attach an L bracket to each of the four corners and secure with wood screws.
3. Attach one side of the screen to both of the boxes and secure with staples. Pull the screen until it is taut, secure with more staples. Continue to move around the box until both boxes are covered with screen and staples secure it around the perimeter. Cut off the excess.
4. Screw the two boxes together using the hinges. Forming a book.
5. Nail four feet on the corners. (Just use scrap 2 X 4 material). This step is a MUST! Without it the air has no place to go and drying will therefore be difficult, if not an impossibility.
6. Remove the front guard off the fan. Measure the diameter and then subtract an inch from the total and divide by 2. (Ex. Diameter 12 inches, minus 1 = 11, divided by 2 =5.5 inches.) Cut a Piece of plywood 18” X 18” and locate the center by drawing a line from opposite corners to form an “X”. Attach a pencil to the end of a piece of string and cut the string to the diameter figured above. Hold one end of the string in the center of the “X” and make a circle with the pencil. Cut out the circle using a jig saw.
7. Drill 6 holes around the outside of the circle as evenly spaced as possible.
8. Place the fan face down on the plywood and thread the wire threw the holes you just drilled and around the fan. Tighten the wire to secure the fan to the plywood.

Now place the fan on top of the screen and you are set to dry! Just place your shooms inside the box, turn on the fan and walk away.

* This is v1.0 of the Jebus Dehydrator Tek, please feel free to give feedback and suggestions. I will be adding more pics over the next few days, but I wanted to post it ASAP as I am very pleased with how it turned out and I hope some of you can put it to good use.