Popular strains such as B+,  Golden Teacher, Amazon, Tapalpa and others have been re-upped with fresh spores this year while a few of the lesser-known and least-popular strains have been dropped from the spore menu.  Our unique strain of Australian cubensis which we introduced to the world a few years ago is back in stock. The 'wollys' from Wollongong are ready to go!


Last year we introduced a new line of spores for the connoisseur of edible and gourmet mushrooms, this year we will be adding more species to it. The hunt is on for non-mycorrhizial edibles which should be suitable for home cultivation. Cultures of these species would be very difficult to find,  we offer only spores for those who wish to take on the challenge. Information on cultivating many of these forest treats may be scarce as most of mushrooms are rarely available. The most  recent addition is the Deer Mushroom.  See the Edibles page for details!

Kambuchi Mushroom Tea

An exciting new product is our own dried SCOBY's which will enable you to make your own kombucha tea. This ancient, magic elixer is becoming quite well known, your own home-made tea I guarentee will be better than any store-bought stuff! See the Kombucha page for details.

Our line of exclusive cubensis strains:

These strains were brought to us from around the world by members of the SporeLab.

Pure Vida (Costa Rica) -

A recent addition to our line of exclusive strains comes to us from the foothills of the famous Monteverde cloud forest in the Guanacaste province of Costa Rica. At the suggestion of our supplier we call this strain 'Pura Vida' which translates to 'pure life'. Early reports indicate Pura Vida is a pure winner!

The BigMex

From the developer of our B+ strain comes this huge cub from Mexico. Mr. G donated this strain to the SporeLab years ago and we've finally made it available to all!

Wollongong - Our Golden Beauty from Down Under


You've heard of 'Golden Tops' from Down Under, these are 'Golden Everything'! This strain has a unique characteristic, a creamy gold colour of the spotted cap, stalk and meat which is unlike any cubensis strain currently on the market. Many strains will have streaks of yellow on a basically white stalk, the Wolly stalks are completely gold coloured inside and out.

The Illawarra escarpment is the mountain range west of a narrow coastal plain south of Sydney, Australia, enclosing the region known as the Illawarra which stretches from Stanwell Park in the north to Kiama, Gerringong and the Shoalhaven river in the south. The hills of the plateau reach over 400 m and may drop abruptly to the coast.

The city of Wollongong is the central city in the Illawarra. 

Tapalpa (Mexico)


This strain was donated to us years ago by an amateur mycologist in Mexico. It originateshigh in the mountains south of Guadalajara near the town of Tapalpa. The Taps have impressed with quick, speedy colonization and have since become quite popular.

Ps. cyanescens

And of course we hope to have our usual fresh supply of Ps. cyanescens back in stock this fall.