The sporelab, simply put, is THE best spore vendor on the web. Not only does the captain provide top-notch spores cheaper than anyone else, he also runs a forum filled with incredibly intelligent users who are always willing to help out a new sporelab member. I'll never shop anywhere else so long as the captain is around.

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I looked and looked before settling on The Sporelab for spores. Most vendors charged high prices... others had reports of never following through on orders in various forums. Captain Max had been around for a long time, had good feedback from customers, was involved in mycology for a living, had great prices, and was active in the forums he hosted.

Took a chance and ordered from him... The Sporelab had a good feel to it. Got my spores syringes quickly, discretely, and in perfect condition. Each syringe was labeled for identification and sealed with a cap to prevent anything from seeping out during shipping. I was very impressed.

Well, that was over 2 years ago and Captain Max is still tops in my book. Not a fly-by-night operation like so many others. He sells quality products at great prices and does a great job all around. I highly recommend him -- wouldn't think of shopping anywhere else!


For years I was very much interested in mushrooms and I did a lot of research on the subject. I found out that I could get spore syringes and I looked into the vendors online. While searching I typed in "mushroom spores Canada" and I got the sporelab.

All other spore vendors charged very high prices, appeared shady, and had no support forum. The vendors would not answer e-mails and I read a lot of bad things about bad deals. I was also unsure of getting anything shipped over the border. So I tried out the sporelab.

The spores came in good time. It was a success and I've never looked back since. On the online forum may e-mails were answered promptly by Capt. Max and the sporelab members helped me with any questions I had. I would never trust any other in quality and prices. Cap. Max has a very efficient and discrete business. The sporelab forums have helped me out a lot and I have really appreciated. I would recommend the sporelab to anyone interested in mushrooms.



I find the Sporelab (Forums) to be like my online home almost. It's not too big, not too small. I am a member of other shroomy communities, but mostly lurk there. I like niche stuff. I'm not always active here, but I always come back.

This is the first place i ever ordered spores from, and I never saw a reason to leave. And the free shipping is great-to Europe even.

Also you can tell the Capn really cares about his community here, he obviously spends a lot of time here. And to allow a means for spore trading for free on his commercial site shows me that its not just about making a buck off a sacred commodity, it's about spreading the cheer.

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I haven't ordered anything for a couple of years (I've gotten out of microscopy), but I have had such good experiences with the Sporelab that I would rate it as one of the best places to shop on the net. Max has always gone above and beyond to give the maximum bang for the buck. I almost feel bad that Max isn't making more money off of us... I don't know how he's paying the bills!

Low cost, speedy and friendly service, flawless product (with great customer service when problems do arise, so I hear... I've never experienced any, though, so I can't speak from experience!), and an awesome community to boot. The Sporelab is something special!


The Capn' is the Greatest!

I'm still enjoying a couple of strains from a few years back... keep up the great work.


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Capt is most definatly a great business man . He is the only guy i trust sending cash to and he always comes through with his orders and is more than willing to help! and he also makes great contest and provides for his customers! also every spore syringe ive ever bought from this site *which now is the only site i will ever buy from* has looked great and has lasted a really long time! Most definatly the leader in good quality spores!

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I came across the spore lab and thought it was just another site filled with mediocre products (if any) just like so many other spore & entheogen sites out there. But I started to lurk around the forums to get a feel for the site any way. As luck would have it I won a 3-pack in a contest and decided to collect the so called "prize".

I am so happy to say that I was sadly mistaken about the Spore Lab. My package arrived in about a week, to reveal three clean, fertile syringes that have kept me gowing for some time now. Since then I have placed a few other orders, never to be once dissapointed at the professional quality of product and timely delivery.

Even today I still haunt the forums almost nightly. There is a plethora of information available in the archives, and new questions are always answered with several friendly knowlagable responses.

Trust in Captain Max, and you won't ever turn your backs.


Thanks you all for the kind words!