North to Alaska!
                                                                                ........with Captain Max Mushroom
                       Hyder, Alaska   Sept. 12, 2000   

     In the fall of 2000, I travelled to northern British Columbia for the annual mushroom harvest in the Kispiox forest district and surrounding areas near the Alaska/Canada border. The area is a hive of mushroom activity with hundreds of pickers from around the world camped out in one of several wilderness camps throughout the isolated region.  Although Matsutake, the Pine mushroom (Tricholoma  magnivelares) is the most sought after specie, several other types of fungi are also of interest to the commercial pickers. These include Yellowfeet (Winter Chanterelle - Cantharellus infundiliformus), Chickens (Chicken the Woods - Laetiporus sulphureus), Hogs (Hedgehog Mushroom  - Hydnum repandum) and several other species such as Lobsters and boletes. There are also hundreds of Amanita muscaria patches up north.

    Area around Terrace, BC is known for it's mushrooms...and bears!

       Side trips to Hyder, Alaska took me past the Bear Glacier.

   These lava fields near New Aiyansh are the result of an eruption less than 250 years ago!

      Remnants of an old gold mine on the Alaska/BC border.  My favorite pic!   

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