Captain Max's Wino Tek for Syringe Making

The easy way to make sterile spore syringes.

When making syringes, sterility is the key. Everything must be CLEAN! I do it in the kitchen. First I wash and put away all dishes, wipe the counters, sweep the floor, throw out the garbage and then scrub up for the procedure.
Turn on the stove exhaust fan for a while to help suck up dust and particles from the air.

You will need a presure cooker for this. Used pressure cookers can easily be found at thrift stores and Sally Annes for about $5. Spore prints and empty, sterile syringes can be found at the Spore Lab @:

Equipment needed:  Regular wine glass
                   Cover plate
                   Scapel or sharp, non-serated knife
                   Sterile syringes
                   Spore print

Put wine glass in pressure cooker, lay knife on top
Pressure cook for about 10 - 15 minutes to sterilize.

Have clean tissue ready. Wrap tip of knife in clean tissue. Remove glass and place cover plate over top.

Boil some water. Take sterile syringe and suck up and squirt out boiling wate a couple times. If making 5 syringes, squirt 5 syringe fulls of boiling wate into wine glass. Immediately replace cover plate. Cool in freezer or if you have time, just let it sit for a couple hours. It must be cold before next step. Not warm, COLD. Or at least, room temp.

Remove tissue from knife and cover plate from glass. Working surfaces are now exposed to the air, wok quickly.

Scrape spores into glass. Don't let the knife tip touch anything other than the spore print. Replace cover plate.
Sometimes I like to let the spores sit for a while so they can rehydrate and break up a bit. Now comes the tricky part.

At this point, your syringes should be out of the packages and lined up ready to go. Remove tip of syringe and hold syringe in one hand. Don't let the tip touch anything. With other hand, remove cover plate and slowly twirl wine glass. With a bit of practice you can soon have the water spinning in the glass like water down a flushed toilet! The spores will dissipate. Suck up first syringe full while water is still spinning and spores are distributed throughout. Keep spinning the water and sucking up your syringes until finished.

Final step:  Fill wine glass with wine and toast your upcoming shroom harvest!

Good luck!

Captain Max Mushroom